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A lot of work ahead of me
So with Tuesday being a catch-up and meeting day, and with me staying home yesterday with a bout of stomach issues, today was the first "real" day back in the office. Oh man, I have a ton of work ahead of me--and a lot of it needs to be done like, right away.

I dove right in today and got at least three things off my plate (out of literally more than 100). Tomorrow I need to get at much writing done as possible in between a 10am meeting and a 1pm visit with another potential caterer for our users' conference to do a tasting. Spending the time to go eat yummy nibbles sounds great, but I also need to get writing done. I may end up working a bit over the weekend, but...

I also have Rob's bachelor party to go to. This was kind of short notice and I feel bad that a few folks have dropped out altogether citing lack of funds or other commitments. I am going, but I'm joining later. Main reasons are the same lack of funds as others (I am seriously tight at the moment) and that I just don't drink as much anymore. Hopefully, my coming later won't disappoint. I feel bad for bailing on the earlier dinner and drinks, but I just can't swing it financially and time-wise -- especially if I do have to get writing done this weekend as well.

Oh, this first part of this year is going to be rough, lol. But I'll make it. I've got my positive face on!
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