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The little things
So, when you've been as fucked in the head as I've been lately, people often say it's best to concentrate on the little things and find positives. This is kind of a pathetic attempt, but:

The other night I had pancakes. I made them from (kind of) scratch and they tasted divine, along with a big glass of milk; and

Today, I fell asleep on the couch. It was only for an hour and a half, but since sleep has evaded me for the past three days (or when I did sleep, I was wracked with nightmares), this particular hour and a half of sleep was wonderful and although I woke to my dog scratching to go out, I felt somewhat refreshed.

Those two moments are the happiest I've been in a month. That's terrible, I know. But hey, at least I'm trying.

Nothing is making me laugh much right now. Nothing is motivating me. There have been no real good distractions to speak of. I feel like I've completely lost the essence of myself.

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...You're also very loved by this girl.

Thanks sweetie. It means a lot knowing that you love me. :)

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