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A bleak new day in America
I know I said I was going to be writing a lot more, but I haven't really followed through. I am forcing myself to write this--even though I really don't want to. My motivation has gone missing in action and I am just so exhausted, melancholy and numb, that the idea of writing anything seems like an insurmountable challenge. But here goes...

Today is inauguration day--day one of the new United States of Trump. It is one of the saddest sights I have ever witnessed in my 41-plus years on this mortal coil. That someone of his demeanor; this hateful, bigoted, sexist, thin-skinned, certifiable, poor excuse for a man could rise to the greatest seat of power in our become the leader of the free unthinkable. I am still hoping I eventually wake up from this king of all nightmares. But I won't. This is real. And nearly everyone's lives are about to change--largely for the significantly worse.

Yes, Cheeto Bandito is our new POTUS. Seriously, I cannot eat Cheetos anymore. They make me queasy with disgust. Queasy is also how I feel today. I've been right on the edge of wanting to vomit all morning. I fear for women, Muslims, African Americans, Hispanics, the LGBTQ community, anyone making under $100,000 a year, but especially the poor and destitute, our children's education, anyone with any kind of even minor health problem, our planet and resources, and our neighbors around the world. I fear that our new leader and his cronies, along with a decided minority of supporters--who have seized absolute power at the moment, will not delay in causing the rest of us grief, harm and even death. These times ahead are going to be brutal for nearly every good person on the planet.

Oh sure, we will resist ... some of us are actively already. But the reality hasn't hit folks en mass just yet. The other party -- my once beloved former party, the Democrats, are in complete disarray right now. There are some small bands that are trying to reorganize, while remaining vigilant and fighting against one outrageous idea, injustice or ignorance after another, but right now the Dems hold very little power in our nation's government, so true checks and balances are out the window. The media, once the essential fourth watchdog, is just as responsible for creating this mess as anyone else, and now seem stunned and shocked that they're getting locked out.

Right now, the resistance that's happening is happening at the grass root level. And, truly this is where it needs to come from. We need to unite and stop madness in its tracks. The problem is, organizing 100 million or more of us takes a LOT longer than trying to organize several hundred of us. But it's in our hands now. We have to either deal with what is pushed upon us or taken away from us, or we have to resist with public urgency. We should be organizing and putting money behind true progressive candidates that can win and take back our governing bodies at every level -- local, regional, state, congress, the presidency. And we should be making our case everywhere--in red states in red counties where we are hated. If we can get through to 10, those 10 could turn into 100. We can't ignore the people or areas that don't agree with us anymore. We need to be brave enough to talk to them face to face and try and understand their concerns just as much as we want them to realize ours. Screw relying on lobbying firms and consultants and high-powered, well-moneyed special interests to speak for us. It's our job to talk to our fellow Americans. If we could do this, even at just 10-15 percent more often than we do now, there are many key issues I feel we could resolve quickly -- reasonable gun control, immigration, equality for all citizens, achieving a workable living wage that all businesses can afford, basic control of wasteful spending. Sure, we may not be able to has out taxes, or where to spend resources or controlling the national debt, or limiting the damage caused by mega-corporations or shady Wall Street practices, but coming to basic agreements on the other things can make it easier on--make it a true mandate for--our elected officials, so they can better focus on those larger picture issues.

Sadly, now apathy has become the standard. Unless someone is physically stealing from your house, you don't care...unless someone is raping you, you don't care...until you receive a medical bill you can't pay or student loan interest snowballs to the point you can never afford to pay it off, you don't care. I am just as guilty as others in feeling this way. Sometimes it's easier to say, well, I'll just wait until they come for me, then I'll fight. By then it will be too late.

On that note: maybe Trump needed to happen. Maybe people need to have things taken away from them, for them to suffer, for them to be denied before they go, "hey wait a minute..." For those of us that have been paying attention, who have seen this coming, it has been painful to watch. When folks buy the lie on sale and pass up the truth because it's being kept on the top shelf, the won't know what they're getting until later when the food poisoning occurs. Then, they'll want answers, they'll demand action, and when no one listens to them or shrugs them off, then, maybe then will we have another soul who has woken up.

There's a site that someone created showing before and after tweets of Trump supporters who, even before being officially sworn in today were already turning on him, realizing...too late of course...that he never intended to "drain the swamp," that he is filling his cabinet with folks even more fucked in the head than he is, that a wall isn't going to get built this year, that Trump won't quit tweeting and antagonizing anyone and everyone and that it actually might lead us to war or impact trade, or even worse that ripping up Obamacare wouldn't affect them (many of these folks didn't realize Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act were the same thing, and now have deep regrets because they'll no longer be covered). What's frustrating to me is that these folks could have, should have seen all of these things during the campaign. But it's almost like everyone drank the Kool-Aid at Jonestown. Except instead of dying right away, now they're left to suffer through and deal with what they've done to themselves, their families, and the rest of us.

So maybe we need this. Maybe we need a true Anti-Christ, a Hitler, a Lex Luthor, insert your most hated villain here X________________________ that we can all eventually rally against and defeat. Let's hope this happens sooner than later. Let's come together and throw the real villains out by the time the mid-term elections roll around. Let's overthrow the 2/3 of GOP leaders that have been selling us lies and delivering us crazy. Let's kick the entrenched Democratic Party establishment that's more concerned with doing personal favors for each other than actually governing and advancing progressive ideas out into the gutter. Let's not be afraid to chronicle and uncover the real truths behind our clown-faced president and hold his feet to the fire--and if there's evidence of treason, of law-breaking, of purposeful deceit of the American people, let's impeach that bastard and take away all of his toys -- you know, the toys he had handed to him by his father and collected more of on the backs on thousands of folks he's personally cheated and screwed over. Yeah, let's hold him accountable. You wanted this spotlight deal with the ramifications. Karma can be a bitch.


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